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So I looked for a thread covering this within the last 5 or so pages. I am most likely going to go look at a truck with a 2/3 shift issue within the next week. I know there are some common problems that don't necessarily mean a rebuild is needed. However, I wanted to get an idea of what builder some of you guys like. From what I am seeing, a rebuilt transmission capable of handling anything more than stock goes for $6k or so with a good torque convertor. That is a bit more than I remember it being the last time I was on these boards.

Common problems that I know of:
Overdrive unit needs replace
T/V cable needs tightened
Speed and or ABS sensors
Governor sensor?

Let me know your thoughts. The truck has 200,000+ miles on it, is a 1996 and the engine seems to run fine. The body is decent, interior looks like a honey badger lived in it. The price is damn near what the motor is worth so I could always part it out worst case scenario.
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