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I hope this is the right place to put this...

It’s been a while but, for the past week I’ve started lurking around the forums and I’ve been bitten by the HP bug again. I think there’s going to be a purchase in my future I just need a little help deciding.

A few weeks ago I started to feel a vibration/shaking at about 40mph and then again at about 70mph. I took it to my local shop thinking it was the U-joints again (similar feeling). After putting it on the lift you could see there was uneven/choppy tread wear on the inner 1”-2” of my front tires. So I started thinking I’ve been wanting black Rockstar XD rims and I need some new rubber now, so maybe this is my chance.
I don’t believe the Rockstars come in 17” so I can’t just swap rims and the BFG A/T’s don’t come in a 315/70-18” so my tire size can’t stay the same. I’m a little leery about a leveling kit after reading about how the axle can shift or become off center a little with them, plus I really don’t want to spend any more money. The BFG A/T’s have been great so I think I want to stay with them and I like the look of my truck on 315’s so I really don’t want to get a smaller size if I don’t have to. Any suggestions on tire size that’s around the same size as 315’s but will fit 18” Rockstars?

Back to the HP, while trying to figure out a solution for wheels and tires and stumbled across a thread asking which chip/programmer was the best. To my surprise there was an overwhelming response for the Smarty programmers. Any other forum that poses a similar question usually has a flurry of mixed responses. So this peaked my interest in the Smarty JR. I had an Edge EZ for a while and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I don’t want to make any obscene power (yet) I just want to wake my truck up a little. I like to be able to look over at the guy in his “insert sports car here” at a stoplight with a sh!teating grin on my face and keep up if not peel away from him when the light turns green. The EZ was enough to do this on a few occasions. Unfortunately after 6 months or so of the EZ my truck would stall and start back up in the middle of driving. I took off the EZ but the problem continued. I had to get the ECM reflashed and Edge sent me a new EZ but, 2 months later it happened again. I had the ECM reflashed again and retired the EZ to the shelf. After a year or more with no chip the problem happened again ultimately resulting in a new ECM about 6 months ago. I’m still afraid to put the EZ back on so I’m thinking of putting it on eBay and giving the Smarty JR a chance due to how highly it’s spoken of on here. I’m still a little gun shy about messing with the computer again with 98,000 miles any problems are getting fixed out of my pocket not the dealers anymore.

So should I go with the rims and tires first or the Smarty JR, what would you guys do?
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