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What tire size?

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Hello, Im new to the forum. I have an 07 2500 4x4 6speed manual 5.9L running the stock tires and wheels 265x70x17. The rims are the 17x8 and I am wanting to know how big of tires can I fit on the stock rims? I am going to be doing a 4" lift and want to keep the stock rims for now. Also if you guys know of the best place to pick some tires up too...probably gonna go with some sort of all terrain do to the wear.
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I have been running 37x13.50's on my stock rims on my Dually for awhile now and I have had no problems at all. Matter of fact, I know lots of people with the same tires as me.
Personally, I think the 35's will look good either way. But I do know that you can run 37's on the 4" kit too if you wanted to go that way.:thumbsup
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