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What next?

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I recently purchased my 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 6.7 Cummins about 2 months ago and love the truck! My main questions is what can I do next "performance wise"? I pull a 20' open trailer with the race car on the weekends but also like to get on it here and there when meeting a Duramax, Powerstroke, or some rice burner. Keep in mind I have emissions every 2 years so it has to be mods that are easy to reverse or will not harm emissions(stupid, I know...). Current mods;


-H & S mini maxx street tuner with factory h & s tunes in MCC by Dave (to enable deletes).
-5" Flo-pro turbo back exhaust with 6" tip.
-EGR and butterfly unplugged. Not completely deleted seeing I have to do emissions every 2 years.


-Rough country 5" suspension lift with Sky jacker stabilizer shock.
-37" Toyo open country tires.
-18" Revolver XD wheels.
-Bushwacker flares.
-Smoked lights all around.
-BRP grill.
-9006 foglight HID's.
And some more smaller items.
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Get rid of the 37" tires and lift you are trying to move a wall through the air. If you want a faster truck I would lower the truck and use the stock size tires. You will have less mass to rotate and will not be moving this wall through the air.

You do not see dragsters sitting 5’ tall do you or running over size tires that the gearing is not designed to turn at efficient means.

Now I am not saying that you cannot move a wall through the air fast but you will need to spend a lot of $$$ and will not be able to pass the emission requirements that concern you.

Just my humble opinion and $0.02.

Jim W.
I appreciate your reply Jim, unfortunately my goal with the truck is a mean aggressive looking machine and I do go off roading so the lift and tires gets used....

I'm not looking to build a drag truck, just want to see what other affordable mods I can do to gain some more power and add a little more to the fun factor.
Get rid of the vgt. S400 t4 second gen kit.
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