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What next?

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I have a 06 5.9 6spd. And my current mods are Gauges, FASS 150, ARP Studs, Valair Triple Disc Clutch, and a 62/68 with billet wheel. Sold my TNT-R and am gettin EFI. But i wanna know if a CP3 upgrade is next or some different nozzles. And with my current parts and efi what power am i pushin approximately?
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After having injector issues on my other truck I have become a believer of everything but injectors first. You would be surprised what you can do with EFI and stocks sticks, you can drain the rail pretty good. A real pump can help you go along way even with stock sticks. Then when your injectors give you an issue, buy new genuine injectors (larger flow of course) and new connector/crossover tubes then replace them. That's the route I'm going this time, not saying I'm right just my opinion.
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