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What Next?

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With everything in my sig, What should I do next? I am looking for a decent amount of hp and tq. Bigger turbo? injectors? Fuel plate? This is my DD and I love her. I tow 4 ATVs quite often above 10000 feet. Also I have some money to play with so anything will help my cause Thanks!!

P.S. This is the best site:yourock:
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You can grind your fuel plate yourself to either a 100 or a 0.
A set of stock 215hp injectors would be a nice boost in performance or you could do a set of 50hp or 75 hp. New Era makes nice sets at the proper spray pattern. Also PM Don Wagner on here, he sets up some of the best injectors money could buy. He will also let you know what you need.
Between the injectors and fuel plate, that would put you around 400-475hp.

Also, do you have a GSK 3k or 4k?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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