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What kind of rear end does my truck have?

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Hi guys.
I was wondering what kind of rear end my truck has.
2003 ram 3500 nv5600
on 6 speed at 1900 RPM i am at 65 mph

is it 3.73 or 4.10 ?

If I have 3.73 and will install 4.10, what will my RPM be at 65 mph ?

I have stock wheels and tires 235/80/17
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I went to the dealer here and they printed out the build sheet. And if I remember correctly it's printed in the glove box or somewhere, 3.73 limited slip.

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3.73's and 4.10's are only about 200 RPM off of each other.

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with my 4.10's and the stock BFG 265's I was pushing 2300rpm at 70.

man I love my 315's :D

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did it change quite a bit with the 35''?? i have 285 right now and the 4.10 are killing me on the hwy
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