Anybody who’s ever been set to drive to work and found their battery dead knows what a damper that can put on your day. If you don’t happen to have a set of jumper cables and another car nearby to help, it can get even worse. Unless, of course, you happen to have a portable jump starter to get your Ram truck up and running again.

A portable jump starter is essentially a battery pack that you can use to charge up your vehicle’s battery. They are small enough to leave in your truck and are a pretty affordable way to get a little peace of mind.

A portable jump starter can also be used to charge up things like your laptop, phone, or any other handheld electronics you have on hand.

To figure out the best available options, we wanted to ask the CumminsForum members what they think is the best portable jump starter available to get their Ram up and running again. Once we get some replies, we will follow up here and update the original post so the community can use this as a resource going forward.

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