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What is a Smoke Switch

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Somewhat new to diesels on land and i see alot of people talking about this (smoke switch) what is it what does it do, i just got myself a 99 24v it already has the edge chip with 5 levels and a k and n cold air intake i just got a 5 in from the turbo back with a 6 in stainless tip should look and sound great.
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yea first thing first, junk the k and n go with a wix pn#42790 or you can do a search on bhaf (big honkin air filter), the smoke switch is a switch that goes into the map sensor and basically fools the motor into thinking that it is under full load when it really isnt, making it dump tons of fuel and tons of black smoke, some say it dosent work, but i have news for them, it does.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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