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what gauge for third gauge

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I had a electric gauge that went blank installed from previous owner. I am going to go with mechanical gauges in a three gauge pillar pod, but its a manual transmission. Boost, EGT, and then???? I was thinking about fuel pressure or Rail pressure. I am not racing or pulling so I think fuel pressure would be better.

Any suggestions?


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Lift pump psi...
thats what I was thinking about when I said fuel pressure.

thanks for your input

Yep lift pump pressure I would put in a oil pressure gauge though. Just to be able to seethe difference between the actual and the fake truck gauge

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Oil pressure is one of the most important gauges to add. The dash gauge is a fancy idiot light.
ok so oil pressure, fuel pressure, EGT, boost, I need one more gauge.

U could run a rail pressure or better yet maybe run one egt on the rear section of manifold and another one monitoring the front four? That's kinda what I always wanted to do. And would do if I was in need for another gauge to fill a hole. Or both and run a triple pillar and triple overhead.
Here's a triple overhead pic for reference. I think they are really nice

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I have a old gauge pod that goes under the AC vent controls. but I like the pillar so I will run six but one is for my rear Airbags.

Looks good in the high mount though.

I have a 3 piece manifold that I was going to swap instead of the weird 2 piece. So I think I should be good with just one EGT.

Rail psi is nice for monitoring and Diagnosis if anything goes wrong!
I have been contemplating gauges for a while now. I think for me. have an 06 with a manual. I will be running egt,, boost, maybe oil .....all three uptop by the mirror. and fuel rail and lift pump down by my shifter. I like the thought of monitoring both fuel pressures. because what usually fails or causes failures ? fuel pressure causes a ton of problems, and would be nice to see it and use it for some diag if needed.
just my thoughts.
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