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What do i build files off of? MCC

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ok i am trying to mess around with the mcc custom tuning and see how this whole thing works but i dont know how to get the stock, tow, street and performance pressures to show it just starts going through eom 10-11, then cold coolant and cold intake. I had downloaded these stock files off of the h&s websites because i thought you could build off of them. I was watching a video online and it had different settings than mine but his was also a dodge.

Do i need to load stock ones from my tuner for them to show correctly or how do i get the correct parameters to show up to start building and messing around with it. Im not here to make trouble but tuning has always been pretty interesting to me and i would like to start learning how to do it on my own time.

If someone wants to pm me instead of publicly talk thats fine. Anything helps i just want to know why my software doesnt show the same as another unless its just the files i downloaded were like that. And if so how do i get the correct files to start toying with.
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go to install download and select import/export MCC files

then select export to SD card. you can select various options that will show up in the tunes

the tunes can be found in the "CUSTOM" folder on the SD card

Obviously you need to be updated to a firmwear that supports/displays the MCC option if you haven't already
your "stock files" are stored on every H&S SD card. they are a completely different file from the MCC files

like i said, if you go through the export process and view the files you export, you can see how the options change the tables in the tune
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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