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So I'm sure this has been beatin to death and I know that I'm on a dodge site but I'm going to ask everyone to please set personal preference and emotion aside and help a guy out. Its obvious I'm leaning towards the dodge, I'm here on the dodge site and my dad's owned 3 dodges, all gas engines with the latest a Hemi 1500. Point is I'm new to diesel and need to find a truck that fits what I'm looking for the best regardless of brand.

So question is, given my preferences is the dodge the best option? I'm looking for enough room for a family of four, so quad cab size at a minimum. Driveable on a daily basis so short bed preferably and the tighter the turning radius the better. We own a 9K pound ocean boat in Anchorage, Alaska so I want diesel to pull it around with but one that doesn't mind the cold and I want to maximize gas mileage. The more I save on gas the more I get to head out for weekends with my wife on son on our boat fishing and hunting and the more I get to sheep and goat hunt with my old man. So keep that in mind.

So what's your advice. To be honest, I've pretty much ruled out the duramax as I just can't handle GM products, but that being said I need to make a wise decision. So do I go ford, GM, or Dodge and if so what engine, and years should I be looking at. I'm just a regular, hard working family man who loves to hunt and fish, is on a budget and doesn't want to mod other than to increase longevity and increase gas mileage. Prior to a few days ago I'd pretty much settled on the 2003-2004 Dodge 5.9 HO, quad cab short bed for the gas mileage, driveability, the seeming longevity and the fact that I just tend to lean towards dodge. But then I started reading about the ford 7.3 ford and it seems bomb proof but not as good of mileage. A few have remarked, including a friend, how much they liked their 6.0 fords. I need help and guidance so any and all advice is welcomely accepted. We want to buy this truck and hang on to in for a long time without having to dump $1000s of dollars into in more than if we'd bought so other brand. 10s of years is the hope for this truck. Ohhh, and I'd like to stay in the low 20s or under for price so new is out. Unless you want to hook me up ;) .

Thanks folks.
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