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What could be the problem?

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I have a hard time getting my truck started. When I first try starting it sometimes it starts right away sometimes longer, I haven't quite figured out a pattern yet. After I have drove the truck for some period of time and park it and then come back to start it say 15 minutes or so it takes a few minutes to get it started again. When it starts it has a little white smoke but nothing serious, it idles just fine no loss or power and mileage seems to stay good. I haven't replaced the lift pump or injectors and it has almost 120,000 on it. I did replace the fuel filter. I have an 05 pretty much stock besides 5" exhaust and smarty jr.
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lift pump was my first impression. It doesn't seem to be missing so I dont really know if my injectors are the problem, not saying that there perfect but it all the ag equipment I have run you can tell when an injector is bad. And I thought the same maybe there is a small pinhole leak in a line didnt really know how to test all them. I run a wix fuel filter and howes in the winter.
Not sure how the filter is the problem I know many of people that run wix with plenty of miles I run them in my semis and have yet to have a problem. Any facts with baldwin working out better??
Maybe next time I will try those filters. Does anyone else have any suggestions?? Today as I was going a down a hill it chugged a little bit so thinking a lift pump maybe could be the answer. If I do replace the lift pump what do you guys recommended?
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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