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What could be the problem?

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I have a hard time getting my truck started. When I first try starting it sometimes it starts right away sometimes longer, I haven't quite figured out a pattern yet. After I have drove the truck for some period of time and park it and then come back to start it say 15 minutes or so it takes a few minutes to get it started again. When it starts it has a little white smoke but nothing serious, it idles just fine no loss or power and mileage seems to stay good. I haven't replaced the lift pump or injectors and it has almost 120,000 on it. I did replace the fuel filter. I have an 05 pretty much stock besides 5" exhaust and smarty jr.
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In tank lift pumps are usually reliable. I would be suspicious of your injectors, connector tubes, and if the fuel is bleeding back.. What fuel filter have you ran and do you add any lubrication to the fuel?
Not sure how the filter is the problem I know many of people that run wix with plenty of miles I run them in my semis and have yet to have a problem. Any facts with baldwin working out better??
Its a smaller micron filter, I asked bc when using wix (7 micron absolute) it may wear injectors more quickly than baldwin (5 micron absolute)

Many have moved to 3 micron absolute spin on filters. (most think they have 2 micron though :doh:)
Maybe next time I will try those filters. Does anyone else have any suggestions?? Today as I was going a down a hill it chugged a little bit so thinking a lift pump maybe could be the answer. If I do replace the lift pump what do you guys recommended?
Airdog/Fass with spin on filter and water separator...

Check to see if you have any codes, even soft codes wont trigger the CEL light

EDIT: I replaced my working stock pump pretty much entirely for the ability to add better filtration...
to the op, may be helpful to search for threads such as-wont start unless plugged in, etc... I have seen a few this winter that had similiar symptoms and may end up helping you diagnose your truck a little better :thumbsup:
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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