When it comes to lifting your diesel truck, that puny floor jack might not be enough. Diesel engines like your Cummins are heavy and need a heavy-duty jack. You also need to make sure that your jack can reach the high frame rails and still get the wheels and tires off the ground. We've listened to your recommendations and consulted with our team of automotive experts to find the best truck jacks for your Cummins-powered pickup.

Powerbuilt-640912-3 Ton, Bottle Jack and Jack Stands in One

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We like this 3-ton jack because it combines two items in one. Placing jack stands under your truck is an essential part of lifting and working safely, with separate jacks and stands it can be tough. This puts both parts in one unit, so your truck is securely held in place while you work. The Powerbuilt 3-ton stand can support up to 6,000 lbs and can lift from 11 to 21-inches to get your truck off the ground. At 22 lbs, it isn't light, but it's light enough for most users and small enough to fit into a toolbox or even under the back seat of your truck keeping it close at hand.


Big Red Air Hydraulic Jack

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A crew cab dually diesel pickup can easily approach 8,000 lbs weight, and that's before you add on any cargo. If you don't want to have to take all of your cargo out just to replace a flat, you need a heavy jack. Like this 20-ton unit from Big Red. It is a pneumatic hydraulic jack, so you can use air pressure at your shop to lift your truck up to 20 inches in the air with less effort and much less time. If you're away from shop air, it has a backup hand pump, letting you lift your truck yourself. It takes a bit longer that way, but not longer than a standard HD jack. If you plan to have your truck in the air often, this is a great way to make it quick and easy.


Pro Eagle 3 Ton Big Wheel

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If your truck has a lift or some bigger tires than stock, you need more jack height or you'll never get it off the ground. The Pro Eagle jack has an extended and adjustable jack saddle that lets you lift up to a whopping 28 inches. The rugged wheels are designed to make it easier to move the jack on rough terrain like a gravel driveway or a cluttered garage. It might not fit under your sedan and it might not be cheap, but this jack is hard to beat for heavy and high lifting on almost any terrain.


Pro-Lift G-737

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There aren't many trolley-style jacks that can handle this much weight, which makes the 3.5-ton G-737 really impressive. The Pro-Lift jack offers a quick-lift mechanism, and the company claims you can get most trucks in the air with just one or two full strokes of the jack handle. It will lift to a total of 22-inches, again very handy when you're picking up your big diesel pickup. This jack has a built-in bypass to make sure you don't try and pump higher than it can handle, and it has a safety valve that will release if you're trying to lift too much weight. These features and the hefty capacity combine to make it a great truck lifting option. The magnetic tool tray at the base of the handle is the icing on the cake.


US Jack D-51011

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It's a simple bottle jack, but US Jack is made in the USA. The company supplies lifting equipment to the US Military, Boeing, Oshkosh Truck, and more, so you know it is high quality. This 3-ton jack has a max lifting height of 20.5 inches. At just 10.25 inches tall when collapsed, it can fit under your HD pickup without a worry. High-quality seals and O-rings mean it can work from -40 all the way to +200 degrees, so the jack will lift your truck when you need it. It has a safety bypass valve and comes with a nickel-plated steel ram to ensure a long life without rust or corrosion on the jack's key parts.


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