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went to the track today with the 6.7

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today we went to the 1/8th with my truck and here are the times with my mp8 turned up 100% and my edge on 4 on the 1st time and 3 on the 2nd-3rd.

I didnt do burn outs and had the truck in 4x4 high

1st run spining the tires

2nd still spining

3rd run still spining
1/8 mph- 76.34

im going to play with the air pressure next time to see if i can get it to hook to run the higher settings with the edge
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You spun all 4 in High range? Thats pretty impressive. hows the tranny liking that?
wow, several people have spit out their trannys with that kind of 4wd boosted launch. Do you have upgrades or running on borrowed time?
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