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went to the track today with the 6.7

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today we went to the 1/8th with my truck and here are the times with my mp8 turned up 100% and my edge on 4 on the 1st time and 3 on the 2nd-3rd.

I didnt do burn outs and had the truck in 4x4 high

1st run spining the tires

2nd still spining

3rd run still spining
1/8 mph- 76.34

im going to play with the air pressure next time to see if i can get it to hook to run the higher settings with the edge
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i was playing at the track on friday night, the magic number for boosted launches seems to be 9psi, keep it under and i would not spin, did a 14 and went straight sideways, not helping the times at the end or the trany. soon as i solve the lack of fuel issues i will try again, should be mid 13's with the new ind/inj CP3.
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