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well some specific questions about DPF and EGR delete

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So gonna phone tomorrow and see about the new DPF delete with the new plug and play module, Have heard that they can smoke bad, Has anyone not had them smoke with just the DPF delete? And has anyone installed EGR delete to rectify? Does the EGR delete generate codes? I am planning all this emissions/mileage stuff out before I buy my big tires and lift so i can see the real difference in mileage.

What I am thinking of is DPF delete, (EGR delete if neccesary because of smoke) full back duals, edge w/juice programmer. and cold air filter/intake.
any other suggestions.
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You can search and find a lot of threads on the subject but when they are talking about code-free the code(s) various permutations codes set when the ECM thinks the DPF is full. When the ECM thinks the DPF is full it tries to clear it with what is know as an active regen. During active regen the computer injects diesel on the exhauste stroke in order to send it to the DPF. Of course you no longer have a DPF so this means the diesel vaporizes and exits the tailpipe as a cloud of white smoke.

This is where I am at and I will be removing the EGR soon but that is not going to stop the active regens every couple on minutes once the engine is up to running temp.
You will get more smoke with the the EGR on but it is not a ton of smoke. Once you remove the EGR, smoke is almost nonexistent. The EGR delete will throw its own codes but getting the Edge as you plan to do will clear it along with the DPF codes.

My PMT will not clear the DPF codes. Clears other codes fine but not these. Are you sure the Edge will? I have read that it is a Starscan/dealer only thing to clear the cat full codes.

I am removing my EGR soon but if I could clear the codes I sure want to know because that is my main problem now.
Do I understand right that the comp will still think the dpf is there and inject the fuel even after delete is installed and if so how does it know when "its done" regeneration!
I was under the impression they were making a true plug and play module to fool the computor into normal operation with very little or no regeneration? To act like an emulator does on gas vehicles for oxygen sensors. Is that not what everyone is waiting for? I don't want to set my edge to clear codes at start-up, what happens when you have an actual drivability concern and have to take it to dealer for warranty? The codes are cleared and then they will definatly not be very helpful. Maybe it is too soon but hopefully it is all gonna work out lol.
I have yet to see any codes with the attitude set to clear and letting it clear them. You will see codes if they come up while driving. If there is something wrong with the truck you will know. My truck has not gone into regen since removing the DPF. The fooler box tricks it into thinking it is always passively regening which means no extra fuel is injected because the truck is running warm enough to keep it clean without it.

NOBULL: There is said to be Code Free Boxes shipping at the end of this month from BADP. That is probably what you are waiting for.
so compcowboy do you get alot of smoking or none at all? did you ever have the dpf eliminate without the egr delete? if so how was that
More smoke. Some at idle with the dpf delete without the egr delete...I wish there was less smoke, it is only a matter of time that I will get pulled over for it...
I just got off the phone with BADP; Shane I think but I did not ask, and they (Shane) said the system cannot regen with the generation 1 box. I don't know where the periodic white smoke is coming from for sure and the PMT does not indicate regens. I assumed since the periodic smoke only started after the "cat full" and given that forum member kydodge said that he was having the same issue and his Edge was displaying a regen message then that that is what it was.

If it is not the regen and I have had perfect service from BADP so far and I have no reason to doubt; this is good news for me! I will get the gen 2 box which should solve the cat full and from what everyone is saying I should do the EGR (thanks for writeup Compucowboy!) right away and see where I am at with my problem.
More smoke. Some at idle with the dpf delete without the egr delete...I wish there was less smoke, it is only a matter of time that I will get pulled over for it...

I agree... I have to solve my problem or I have to go back to stock. Black during acceleration is not a problem. White sitting at a light is not.
Has anyone tried to remove the comp program dealing with that particular phase of the process of inj fuel during the exhaust stroke?

Sometimes i wish i paid attention to computers.

Has anyone removed the entire egr assembly and capped it at the exhaust mani?
I just talked with Lyle at BADP man those guys are pretty helpful. Code free kit is shipping may 30 but he said they blow smoke pretty bad. He said eliminating the egr will help but the the truck runs bad and bucks and knocks, He told me they were working on the programing for the egr eliminate going hard on it after june. I will probably wait till it all comes out togetehr instead of sending modules back and forth. And definatly going to buy a programmer. If this wasn;t my daily driver I may be more willing to spend some time fabricating my own fixes...everything but the programing I guess, Guess I will just keep learning all I can. After all these are still very new trucks and It will take a while to engineer the stupidity out of it that dodge put in lol... F'In emissions
I get almost no smoke with the EGR deleted. Before i did that i was getting more.

There is a few C&C guys that have pulled the EGR cooler off with no problems. I was waiting on some plates to remove mine and do a write up on it. Before that happens i may end up just putting a 5.9 manifold on and been searching for info on a twins setup.
I found my problem. An EGT sensor was not hooked up. Soon as I corrected it and drove the cat full percentage started dropping 90%, 80%, 70% then not reading on the overhead. Once this happened I pulled over to the side of the road and cleared the code.

The smoke I was seeing was from regen. Once the code was cleared it stopped. The code could not be cleared until the computer thought it was successful in clearing the cat.
good to hear
ok so the smoke yall are talking about is it black or white smoke from it thanking its in regen still?? i am really confused on all this
If it regens with the DPF delete you will see a white smoke. The smoke i am referring to is Black smoke that so many people like. I for one dont mind not throwing tons of black smoke.
ok so the smoke yall are talking about is it black or white smoke from it thanking its in regen still?? i am really confused on all this
There must be an algorithm in the computer that uses the EGT probes to determine in part when the thing "must be getting full, I better clear it..." with all the probes hooked up it thought it cleared what did not exist and then and only then could I clear the 2 codes P1451 and P2463.

Now I only have the typical P244A or "pressure too low" code that is being addressed with the gen 2 box. Trust me everyone is thankful the regens are gone :thumbsup
I for one dont mind not throwing tons of black smoke.
I agree, seems if you smoke everyone knows you did something... i like the walk softly approach
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