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Welding Truck Turbo Upgrade!!

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Everything that's on the truck so far is in my sig. Looking to do the turbo upgrade, gauges are on the way also!

This truck will have sa200 Lincoln in the back, along with tools and what not for pipelines, and will haul my 32ft Camper, but not in the current condition its in obviously. Its going to be my money maker so I need it reliable, but I want it to be awesome to drive when the welding bed is off of it. My Biggest concerns are EGT's, mileage, and RELIABILITY!! Wanting to keep it right at 500-550hp

Ive been doing some reading on this site, even though I'm a newbie, and I'm on the fence with the II Silver 64 (64/74/14) and II Silver Bullet 66 (66/74/14). I cant stress enough about reliability, mileage, EGT's.

How would the top end be if I went with the 64? and the bottom end on the 66?

Would I still be able to keep EGT's down low when hauling all that junk w/ the 64?

Which one would push the best milage out of my truck, whether it be working, or temporary off-time?

Thanks, in advanced fellas! :thumbsup:
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