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Weird ticking sound all of a sudden

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2006 5.9 24v cummins just started making a weird ticking noise. It happens most on cold starts but not immediately, it starts once the ECT reaches about 95°F and stops anywhere from 115°F - 140°F, it almost sounds like something is caught in the fan or something, like a scratchy clicking noise, other than that sound the truck runs perfectly. And when I say cold start I mean it sits overnight and them I start it in 30°F - 40°F. Any advice is appreciated, thank you!
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Only thing that rings a bell for me was my injector #4 line loosening up like it did for a lot of members on here, I could physically see it rattling with the motor running, ordered up a new line just to be safe and replaced it....purrs like a kitten ever since, I tossed the old line in my truck box just incase I ever had a road side issue.
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