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Hi Norm,
It was the tune. After going through everything I went through to get it resolved, I sent another note to the tuner and asked if he had any ideas. He said he had programmed it in as a "feature" for his tunes. Apparently he had never been in a campground leaving at 6:00 AM and trying not to wake up your neighbors with your table saw exhaust note. Had I known that before hand, I never would have purchased the tune from him. Try reaching out to your tuner and ask them. Send them my sound file if you need to.
WTF??? Who wants the truck to sound like a buzzsaw taking off for the moon? I appreciate it. I realized that it doesn't make that sound when the exhaust brame is off, but who wants to remember to turn off the exhaust brake before starting a truck remotely just to turn it back on when driving to avoid that sound...

You didn't happen to lose connection with the ECM/PCM once in a while for no reason at all did you? I also can't seem to clear my codes and get transmission pressure low code sometimes even though it regularly hovers around 170. Also wondering how we can get it to read EGTs & and barometric pressure, mine both stay static. If I ever get them to answer on the phone I just want to have all my questions answered.

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1 - 4 of 20 Posts