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Weird high idle

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Ok so i was driving back home tonight and noticed that my truck had itself idled up to 1000rpm even though the truck was at op temp. It was 39 degrees out so a little chilly but nothing too serious. I recently installed an edge drag comp and the truck would run the same idle speed with the chip on and off. Bumping the throttle also did nothing to brig it down either. I had a smarty on the truck before this and last winter it would high idle but it would idle faster and i could just bump the throttle to make it go down. Im kinda confused any of yall got suggestions?
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if i shut the truck off and restart it the idle returns to normal
like i said the idle returns to normal if i shut the truck off and then restart it. My dad is a diesel mechanic by trade and we recently found some codes in the truck. So after looking around with the scan tool (he has a really high quality one) we went ahead and cleared all codes in the truck and i havent seen anyting in it since. I was just wondering if anyone on here had a similar problem?
Im not aware of the apps voltage being adjusted. Ill talk to my dad tomorrow and see if we can check it out more. Ive also been having a random abs light come on for just a few seconds and then go off. It seems to flash off when i hit the pedal. Not sure if that will help any but i just figured id give as much info as possible
the code i was getting the other day was pertaining to the map sensor but since clearing it i havent had an issue with it
yeah its really odd to me as well... and i cant get the idle to go back to normal by bumping the throttle which is even stranger. Ive had one other time in a parking lot recently where i thought i might have heard it up a little higher but it wasnt as high as this time
I just did the key trick to see if the truck had any stored codes in it with no luck... My dad was with me when we first heard the truck idled up higher and at first we thought maybe the throttle linkage was sticking or something but after shutting the truck off and then starting it again with a normal idle i would say we can rule that scenario out.
I had to drive the truck to school today with no problems. Ill try to get in there to check it out this afternoon to give yall some more info
Alright so i did an APPS reset on my truck last night. I drove the truck to and back from school today with no problems so i think i might have solved the problem. I guess only time will tell though
Alright so i figured out that my throttle position sensor was going bad over the weekend. The truck gave me a dead pedal and several codes. So after hooking up the scan tool we figured out the reason the truck was idling up was because the TPS was not reading the same as the map sensor so hence the uncontrollable idle up.
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