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Why does dodge keep putting such POS trannies in? I never hear of ford or chevs with such problems...
i even have the MHP TCM and that 5th anf 6th is a bag of shiet! Mine does the stupid shudder and it's rediculous, the other two hold but this doesn't, next time it may have to be a chev as I never hear of weak drivetrain.
I find it rediculous that it takes 6K to have a decent tranny? :banghead:
The Fords do have this problem. My Chevy had the Allison that was supposed to be soooo great. I had a banks six gun on there and it could not handle the torque in 4th or 5th gear....The bottom line is where can dodge save money and produce a drivable vehicle. Why do you think they use every excuse they can find to void your warranty. "Oh look you have a K&N air filter, this voids your warranty"
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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