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i wouldnt...i mean the new duramax is nice and all, but the tranny dont hold up even when people are like allison this allison that.... when you put real power to the truck and change it from being a stock vehicle.... the transmission isnt anything special same with ford.... my girlfriend runs a 2008 king ranch 250 on 40s and tuned up and all and transmission doesnt hold it... and all three trucks are around equal now adays... the ford are capable of big power with them tuners and exhaust and intake; the chevy are capable of hold a lot of power too but once you get into trying to make serious power the cummins stomps the competition... plus it isnt as junked up underneath the hood
Wow, you mean a tranny can't take an extra 200+ HP over stock while turning tires that are 6" taller and significantly heavier than stock? That's a real shock.
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