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way to make exhaust break come on automatically?

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hey guys, was just wondering if anyone has found an esay way to make it so the exhaust brake comes on automatically and useing the button to turn it off instead of it being the other way around?


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Thanks a lot, looks pretty simple
Can't do it on 10-12, only 7.5-09 can be modified to stay on unfortunately.
I'm kinda new at this but I have been seeing trucks parked a gas stations with the turbo howling like it's the exhaust brake. I was just wondering is this is what is causing it because I tried it on mine and nothing. And it's a 12 and I have seen 4th gens doing.
I don't have a whole lot of experience with this stuff either as this is my first diesel but I would think that might be because they have their idel set up high with the EB on
But if it's idled high wouldn't that cancel the eb
Only if you use the pedal to bring up the idle, if you set it with the cruise switch it does deactivate it, at least it doesn't for mine and its a '12
But how dOes it come on when you are out of the truck at normal idle? I have also seen videos in YouTube like this and was wondering how to do it. With my eb on and parked there is no difference in the exhaust.
It wouldn't be able to come on when outside of the truck, that I'm not sure unless they were in the truck, turned it on then got out. With my truck if the EB is on and I set my idel high it does make the EB significantly louder but if the idle is low you don't hear anything. As for others that you hear they might just have a CAI or aftermarket exhaust which is allowing their truck to roar a bit louder than stock. That's all I can think of but again, I could be wrong.
Truck in park, exhaust brake on, cruise control on, SET cruise control.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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