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Water pump failed badly, need info!

I have an 01 with 140k miles and my water pump started to fail when I was far from home. I was able to get pretty much home when the belt came off and the coolant dump began. Today I removed the pump and found most pf the impeller blades missing. I fished as much as I could with a magnet and only found a couple tiny bits.
Is there any way to get the majority of missing pieces out?
Could they be in the radiator?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,

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Look in theromstat for debris. You could remove lower hose and try flushing. You could remove radiator and reverse flush it also.
The small shavings are not likely a problem if don't find by above procedures.
The final procedure would be remove filter housing and oil cooler. You can flush block then.
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