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Water Dripping from Overhead Computer

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My lie-o-meter is dripping water. I pulled the cargo light and its dry. Any thoughts?

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Cab light gasket......
Is the cab light the same as the cargo light I checked over top of the rear window?
the five yellow lights on your roof
Don't have five yellow lights on my roof. I was thinking maybe the seal on the windshield wasn't very good. I'll get a new gasket or put some RTV around the cargo light and see if it helps. In the mean time is there a way to remove the overhead computer without f'ing it up so I can dry and drain the roof area?
just had the seal on my 08 fixed, they forgot the sealant.
deff a windshield leak. happened to mine
Warlock -- did they forget the sealant on the windshield or the cargo light?

id say windshields leaking, hard to think a cargo light leak would run that far forward
My cargo light let water come in the seal and would leak on the back seats and also leaked out the front also.
Some body didn't by chance have an antenna mounted on your roof and removed it leaving a 1" hole did they. I did. It sucked cause i found it after washing the roof off. :doh:
damn I think window seal, I am having the exact same problem but on the rear, just made a post also. This sucks, good luck...
I do have the antenna hole, but I bought a rubber stopper at Lowes for a few bucks and jammed it in there good. I think my leak is the windshield. I've seen some trucks with a rubber weatherstrip across the top and others without. Am I missing the weatherstrip or am I missing some goo like caulk I need to jam in there?

If you find the hole they make self-leveling caulk for windows. You could sit in the truck while someone uses a water hose to find the leak.
Yeah, I was going to have my wife hose me down while I look for the hole. I still want to dig into the overhead computer and clean up whatever water is still in there, but it'll have to wait.

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