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wastegate opens while driving

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I have an 04.5 and my wastegate opens while I drive down the road. I can hear the whoosh of air and see the boost drop. It closes just as fast and everything returns to normal. It happens about 5-6 times a minute and is really annoying. I pulled my trailer to Mexico last weekend and it didn't do it if I had OD locked out. If I shifted into OD it started immeadiately.

I have had it to mechanics and nobody knows what is wrong. I need help!!!!

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Can the wastegate open without the boost being high?
i would say yes. The wastegate is out of adjustment
How do I adjust it? I thought it was electronic on an 04.5.
Waste gates are not that erratic. They either work or not. If you have a variable displacement turbo, it could be changing the pitch on the blades or something, but that kind of sounds like the engine may be defueling randomly. Goose it and let off suddenly and see if that sounds the same.

Sure couldn't hurt to check the codes. If it is randomly defueling, OR goofing up the turbo displacement, there are MANY potential causes. If it's the turbo, you'd might burp a big cloud of smoke when it did it, as the air went away.
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