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A while back I posted a problem I had been having with dead throttle and since then I have replaced the transfer pump with an Air Dog fuel/air seperator and a rebuilt VP44 which solved the dead throttle but now i just don't have the power I use to have. When the RPMs get up around 2200-2300 where the turbo use to kick in not much happens it acelerates but there is no "kick" like there use to be. Someone told me it sounded like a waste gate problem. Other than the Air Dog it is a stock engine. What do you guys think?

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Did you reset the APPS after you had the batteries disconnected?
Do you have a fuel pressure gauge to verify correct fuel pressure?
Is the shaft key installed correctly on the VP44?
There is a possibility the waste gate is stuck partially open, but if it worked normally before you did repairs, it's not likely to be the issue.

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APPS Reset Procedure
This procedure has shown to help 24 valve ISB engines. It is basically teaching the fly by wire accelerator on these trucks to reread the position of the pedal and it's limits. Most complaints this will help with is poor acceleration, improper shifting, bucking in 5 and 6 speeds. Has been known to increase fuel mileage in some instances.

1. Set parking brake
2. Disconnect negative battery cables on both batteries
3. Turn ignition key to run(to drain any remaining capacitors)
4. Let truck sit for 30 minutes( this is the recommended minimum)
5. Return ignition to OFF position
6. Reconnect both batteries and secure, not a timed event
7. Turn key to run position(not start) and depress accelerator pedal slowly all the way to the floor
8. Allow pedal to return to top position slowly
9. Turn ignition switch OFF
10.Release parking brake
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