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Want to lower the truck...

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I just bought this truck and finally have it running/shifting/tracking right, now I want to lower it.
On the back there are 4"-5" lift blocks - is it safe to remove these? It looks like they have a tab off the back of them for the bump-stop.
And as for the front, do i just cut the existing springs or do i need to get whole new ones?
Anything else I need to know about lowering it? Other hardware that needs to be modified?



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i don't know what the heck the first post was about but you might have the factory blocks on right now. may i ask why do you want to lower a 4x4. it looks like you might have a smaller than stock tire right now. the stocks are 265/75/16. if your looking for easy access i guess you could go to a smaller block or take it out compleatly. you would have to get shorter u bolts.
Is this to low for you?

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WHY? If you want a lowered truck, sell it and buy a 2wd. It's just like people wanting to lift a 2wd. WHY? Lowering it will be ALOT more involved than you realize. 1st, your driveshafts may have to be shortened. 2nd, the pinion angles may have to be changed. 3rd, the whole suspension geometry will probly be WAY off.

Sorry for the rant, but this is just my opinion. But you'd be spending alot of money for something very impractical. Just buy a 2wd.
not looking for a lowrider, just want to drop it about 2-4 inches. I'd like to give it a bit better fuel mileage and make it so that my kids dont need a ladder to get in.
Someone makes a front valance/wind spoiler for that. I had on on my 01. It didn't do much for the MPG, but it sure made the truck more stable at High Speeds.

The one I had was fiberglass and had aux lights in it. You paint it to match the truck. The down side is, you will be breaking it with off road stuff.

My suggestion is to look at the engine options for better MPG and don't waste your time messing around with body drops or spoilers. Although it did look great. I used to get 21 on my 01.
i agree with finding better mpg in the engine or other areas. i don't think your pinion would be way out of wack if you only went 2" in the back. besides if you lower the back or whole truck you won't see that much of a diffrence for the work you will have to do.
I apologize for my rant earlier. You just made it sound like you wanted to drop it 5" by removing the stock blocks.

Honestly, I don't think the very minor increase in MPG you would get, would justify all the work. And with just a 2" drop your pinion angles wouldn't be to bad. Again I said that based on your wanting to drop it 5". It's a 4wd, it will never get the same MPG as a 2wd just because you're turning all that extra mass. Front axle, driveshaft, T-case, you get the point.

You'd be better off looking into engine mods to gain MPG. And buying a set of nerf bars or side steps for the youngin's!
not looking for a lowrider, just want to drop it about 2-4 inches. I'd like to give it a bit better fuel mileage and make it so that my kids dont need a ladder to get in.
not going to be able to on a 4x4 front pumpkin will hit the trac bar bracket and you will probably need new control arms as well as a track bar but it wont clear 4" any way so yea...
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