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Check out this website:


If you click on the link on the left side of the page that says "J2534 Flash Availability" (https://techauthority.gltghosting.c...Avail?storeId=10051&langId=-1&catalogId=10051), it will bring up a PDF document of all current flashes for all Chrysler vehicles. If you look at page 221, it shows

2008 DH 6.7L CUMMINS AUTO 50S 2500 ECM Flash, New Part Number 62350235AP, TSB 18-013-08, Recalls RCG30-07

On the next page is the info for the manual transmissions

2008 DH 6.7L CUMMINS MAN 50S 2500 ECM Flash, New Part Number 62350235AO, TSB(s) 18-013-08, Recall(s) RCG30-07

The bottom of pages show that it was last updated on 4/14/2008. It looks like this is where dealerships actually download the flashes for their StarScans. Heck, you can even order your very own StarScan tool for $4350. :D

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Very cool - interesting to notice that the 6.7L Cummins appears to be the most flashed vehicle on list... almost a full page of updates between the auto and manual.

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This puts my mind at ease that I have the latest flash. I was a bit concerned when the dealer told me AO was the latest yet I had read a bunch about AP being the latest. This confirms my suspicions that AO is the latest for manual transmissions and AP is the latest for automatics. Thanks for posting this; fantastic thread.

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This post oughta be stickied.

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I figured that the DH would designate one of our trucks, so after a little more digging I found this:

Originally posted by oh20 at Allpar.

Vehicle program codes

A1- New Yorker, Spirit (1992-1995, export)
A3- Lebaron (1993-1995, export)
A4- Phantom (1992-1993, export)
A9- ?
AA- Acclaim, Lebaron, Lebaron Landeau, Spirit (1989-1994)
AB- Ram van, Ram wagon (1989-2000)
AC- Dynasty, New Yorker, New Yorker Landau, New Yorker Salon (1993-1994)
AD- Ram, Ramcharger D-series (1972-1993)
AF- Pickup, Sport Utility (1993, Mexico)
AG- Daytona, Iroc, Pacifica, Shelby, Laser (1992-1993)
AH- Lebaron GTS, Lancer?
AJ- Lebaron (1992-1995)
AK- Reliant, Aries
AL- Omni, Horizon, Charger, Turismo, Rampage, Scamp GT
AM- Diplomat, Lebaron, New Yorker, Caravelle
AN- Dakota 1st gen (-1996), 2nd gen (1997-2004)
AP- Shadow Sundance, Shadow Convertible, Duster (1989-1994)
AS- Caravan, Town & Country, Voyager (1983-1995)

AY- Imperial (1992-1993)
AY- 5th Avenue (1992)
AY- New Yorker (1993)

B2- Colt, Summit, Vista (1992)
B4- Ram 50 swb & lwb, Ram 50 SE, Power Ram 50 swb
B7- Stealth, Stealth ES, Stealth R/T, 2000 Canadian GTX (1992-1996, import)
B8- Colt, Summit Wagon, Vista (1992, import)
B9- Colt, Summit (1993-1996, import)
BB- Monaco, Premier (1988-1990)
BD- Laser, Talon (1992-1994, import)
BE- Ram, Ram club cab (1994-2001)
BR- Ram cab & chassis (1994-2001)
BT- Ram (2000-2002, Mexico)
BW- Ramcharger (1999, Mexico)
BX- Ram Quad and club cab (Mexico)
CA- ?
CJ- Jeep (1945-1985)
CS- Pacifica (2003-2008)
CT- Pacifica (2008-up - cancelled)
CU- Pacifica future gen?
CY- Imperial
D1- Ram 3500 (2006-2008)
D2- Ram 3500 (2009-up)
D3- Ram 3500 future gen?
DA- Ram 4500 (2008-up)
DC- Ram 3500 Cab Chassis (2007-2008)
DD- Ram 3500 Cab Chassis 2009-up?
DH- Ram HD Regular & Quad cab (2005-2006)
DH- Ram 2500 (2007-2008)
DJ- Jeep (1955-1982)
DK- ?
DM- Ram 5500 (2008-up)
DN- Durango 1st gen (1998-2003)
DP- ?

DR- Ram Regular & Quad Cab 3rd gen (2002-2006)
DR- Ram 1500 (2007-2008)

DS- Ram 1500 4th gen (2009-up)
DT- Ram 5th gen?
DU- ?
DX- Ram (2005-2008, Mexico)
DY- Ram (2009-up?, Mexico)
EB- PT Cruiser (replaced by PB, cancelled?)
ES- Voyager, Grand Voyager (1992-1995, Europe)
FC- Forward Control trucks (1956-1965)
FJ- Talon ESI, Talon TSI (1994, import)
FJ- Avenger, Avenger ES, Sebring LX, Sebring LXI (1995-2000)
GA- Dodge M80 concept, production version (CANCELLED)
G1- ?
G5- ?
GD- ?
GF- ?
GS- Voyager, Grand Voyager (Europe)
GT- ?
HB- Durango 2nd gen (2004-up)
HC- Durango 3rd gen?
HD- Durango 4th gen?
HG- Aspen 1st gen (2007-up)
HH- Aspen 2nd gen (cancelled?)
J1- CKD?
J2- Cirrus, Stratus (1998, export)
J4- Cirrus R/T convertible (1998-2000, Mexico)
J5- ?
J7- ?
J8- ?

JA- Cirrus, Stratus (1995-2000)
JA- Breeze (1996-2000)

JC- Dodge crossover 1st gen (2009-up)
JD- Dodge crossover 2nd gen?
JF- ?
JK- Wrangler 6th gen, Wrangler Unlimited 1st gen (2007-up)
JL- Wrangler 7th gen?
JR- Sebring, Sebring convertible, Stratus (2001-2006)
JS- Sebring, Avenger (2007-up)
JT- Sebring, Avenger next gen?
JX- Sebring JX, Sebring JXI (1996-2000)
JZ- Chrysler version of the Dodge crossover (circa 2010)
L1- CKD?
L2- 300C CKD (Chinese, 2007)
LC- Challenger (LC22) (2008-up)
LC- Challenger SRT8 (LC22) (2009-up)
LD- Challenger (2nd gen)
LE- 300, Magnum, Charger (Europe)

LH- 300M (1999-2004)
LH- Concorde (1993-1998)
LH- Intrepid (1993-1998)
LH- LHS (1994-2001, no 1998 model)
LH- New Yorker (1994-1997)
LH- Vision (1993-1998)

LK- ?
LS- ? (includes SRT model)
LT- ?

LX- 300, 300C, 300C SRT8 (2005-up)
LX- Charger, Charger SRT8 (2006-up)
LX- Magnum (2005-up)
LX- Magnum SRT8 (2006-up)
LY- 300, Charger, Magnum (next gen)

K1- Cherokee CKD (2002-2007)
KA- Nitro 1st gen (2007-up)
KB- Nitro 2nd gen
KJ- Liberty 1st gen (2002-2007)
KK- Liberty 2nd gen (2008-up)
KL- Liberty 3rd gen?
MA- ?
MJ- Commanche 1986-1992
MK- Compass, Patriot (2007-up)
ML- Compass, Patriot 2nd gen?
NB- Dakota (?)
ND- Dakota 3rd gen (2005-up)
NE- Dakota 4th gen
NM- MMC Raider (2006; 2008)
NS- Caravan, Voyager, Town & Country (1996-2000)
NT- Jeep J10/J20 pickup (1984-1988)
P1- Neon CKD (1998)
P2- Neon CKD (2000-2006)
P3- Caliber CKD (2007)
P5- PT Cruiser (2001-2007, Mexico)
PB- PT Cruiser (cancelled?)
PG- PT Cruiser (2002-2003, export)
PL- Neon, Neon Canada SX2 (1995-2005)
PM- Caliber (2007-up)
PN- Caliber 2nd gen
PR- Prowler
PT- PT Cruiser 1st gen (2001-2008)
PV- ?
PW- Full size vans?
R1- Dakota CKD (1998-2001)
R2- Voyager CKD (2006-2007)
RA- ?
RE- ?

RG- Caravan, Voyager, Town & Country (2001-2006, export)
RG- Voyager (2007, export)

RM- Minivan (VW version Chrysler minivan)
RS- Minivan (2001-2007)
RT- Minivan (2008-up)
RU- Minivan future gen or export

SJ- Jeep J series (1963-1986)
SJ- Wagoneer (1963-1983)
SJ- Super Wagoneer (1966-1969)
SJ- Grand Wagoneer (1984-1991)
SJ- Cherokee (1974-1983)

SR- Viper (1992-2002)
ST- Stratus & Sebring coupe (2002-2005)
T1- Wrangler CKD?
TJ- Wrangler (1997-2006)
VA- Sprinter (2002-up)
VJ- Willys Jeepster (1948-1950)
VB- Sprinter next gen?
VT- ?

W1- Grand Cherokee CKD WJ (1999-2005)
W2- Grand Cherokee CKD WK (2006-up)
W6- ?
WC- (new)
WD- ?
WE- (new)
WG- Grand cherokee 2nd gen (1999-2004, export)
WJ- Grand cherokee 2nd gen (1999-2004)
WH- Grand Cherokee 3rd gen (2005-2010, export)
WK- Grand Cherokee 3rd gen (2005-2010)
WK- Grand Cherokee SRT8 (2006-2010)
WL- Grand Cherokee 4th gen
WM- Grand Cherokee 4th gen export
WX- (new)
WY- ?

X1- Cherokee CKD (1999-2001)
X2- ?
XJ- Cherokee (1984-2001)

XH- Commander 1st gen (2006-up, export)
XK- Commander 1st gen (2006-up)
XL- Commander 2nd gen
XM- Commander 2nd gen (export)

YJ- Wrangler (1984-1995)
YK- Jeep (?)
Z1- (CKD future use?)

ZB- Viper 3rd gen (2003-2009, no 2007 model year)
ZC- Viper 4th gen (2010-up)
ZD- Viper 5th gen?

ZH- Crossfire 1st gen (2004-2007)
ZG- Grand Cherokee 1st gen (1993-1998, export)
ZJ- Grand Cherokee 1st gen (1993-1998)

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I thought there was a page on dodges web site that let you put your vin number in and it would tell you if your truck was current with all updates.


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does anyone know what the defrent flashes are for? i have not seen any codes and the only problem so far is fuel mileage, you know just worried about the old saying " if it ain't brike don't fix it " any help?

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Hard to say. Generally it is always a good idea to have the latest flash since each flash may include 1 or 2 big changes but lots of bug fixes or minor improvements such as smoother shifts for the tranny, etc.

If you ever have any engine work done under warranty they will automatically upgrade you to the latest flash anyways.

I have the AX flash in mine and I have not had any problems at all.

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What happens if you don't update your flash?

Don't worry, it will get updated when you take it in for service or warranty work at some point.
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