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wait to start light

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ok guys been having the same problem seems like everyone else is with wts light coming on once truck is up to temp and running 65+mph or going up a hill with loss of power ... i replaced the injectors in the last 6 months with less than 3k miles on them so know its not that just replaced fca two days ago and still coming on ... hooked computer up to it and all pressure is good . rail pressure fuel pressure injector pressure all is good.. im not sure what else to do programmed truck back to stock and even ran pressure and all was still the same .... only mods are afe cold air 4in turbo back exhaust and smarty s-06pod
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They are remans... Was told my motor was bad from a "diesel shop" and my buddy told me he thought it was just injectors so I bought the remans incase that wasn't the problem ... Have year warranty unlimited mileage incase they did go bad
What is the torque supposed to be
Well getting a code p1223 now
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