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Wait to start Light Always coming ON

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Like the title says, my wait to start light is always coming on and then once it goes off, the light will flash for few seconds then goes solid. I replaced the grid heater solenoid a few months ago because I was getting a low/no voltage drop across the grid heater code, that solved that problem, now this new one, I have no codes, checked with the on/off method and also with my smarty. Something is wrong. sensor? ecm? pcm? don't understand. I also checked the volts coming to the grid heater relay and all I am getting is 4.6 volts roughly, should it be 12? I have searched high and low and have found no helpful info yet, anybody? thanks
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the 4.6 is to the trigger for the relay from the ecm, the one with the orange stripe on it, and no the heaters are not coming on. That's why I am so stumped, because when I had the relay problem before I got a code, and now I have no codes, and I can drive an hour into work, shut the truck off, turn the key on right away and it is telling me to wait for the heaters but nothing is happening and then the light will flash for a bit and then go solid. Normally I could drive to work and the wait to start light wouldn't even come on when I would leave to go home from work. So it must be some sensor??? Does anyone know if these truck have an IAT sensor. I found the map sensor and cleaned it, but have not found an IAT sensor and all the research I did there only seems to be one the 98.5-02 and 07 and up. Not sure? thanks
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