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Well i was doing some reading on the new diesel power mag. Read that the new dmax is supposed to be using VVA or variable valve acuationand they make it sound like no one has ever done this. Sorry gm Cat started this back in 2004 for their acert engines. I was a big joke and didnt work right. Cat had alot of issue with the VVA. It was a hell of a leap forward though much better than egr valves and coolers. Also like the idea of the cam less engine that they are trying to design. Navistar started development on that way back in 1999 foir the 466 and still working on it. That would be a great idea. Can you imagine the hp youd gain and of much parasitic loss you be gone from all that???? Cummins uaing that steam driven engine would be a huge factor in fuel economy too and help alot. More and more stuff for us to take offnow...
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