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VP-44 Help :-(

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Well I took my truck on a 307 mile trip last night my fuel pressure gauge (Snap-On gauge taped to the windsheld untill I get my new one installed)

I have a newer LP (I just bought the truck and they said it was only a few months old)

My gauge shows..

20psi (key on engine off)
15psi (truck at idle)
8-9psi (NO LESS THAN) on big hills at WOT

I just happend to have my Mac Mentor scaner with me from helping a friend with his car so I ran the codes and...

P0216 Injection Timing Control Circuit Malfunction
P1693 Turbo Charge Control Circuit Malfunction

Using this site for the codes..

Diagnostic Trouble Codes FULL List -

Ok I know what the first is... I did the APPS reset a few days ago because I noticed a bit of a dead pedal..

So How do I get rid of the 0216 FOR EVER I only want to do this one time...

So now what... Put a another VP on it or what?
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BTW I RAN 85 mph @ 2200rpm 150 miles non stop and got 16.85 MPG..150miles/8.9gal

On the way home I ran 75MPH @2000 RPM 150 miles non stop and got 18.98 MPG..

Hand calculated..

I filled up before I left, when I left, and when I got home..

Does this really sound like a truck that needs a VP?
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