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Volant powercore for twins?

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Most kits just use a generic high-flow (low filtration unless PERFECT) oiled filter. I'd like to run a volant powercore (Filtered by Donaldson- which I like) but I fear that it wont be able to handle the flow rate of the twins and I'll end up starving my HX35/HT3B system. I have searched all over and cant find any CFM/vacuum numbers on the Volant filter and the Donaldson site is too generic to be of much use. :confused013:
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I would like to do the same.
well this seems to be something without a whole lot of input (RARE FIND!! :hehe:)

I had a Donaldson PowerCore filter in my 2010 Duramax before I sold it and I loved the thing... all my investigation during my Dmax modding days indicated that the STOCK box/filter/tubing was superb up to the mid 500's HP range... with 6.6L of displacement running high RPMs... so I think that with a nice big filter from Volant a Mild to Moderate twin system should be able to breath with ease. :stirpot: One of us may be what's needed to prove it though!
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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