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ve injection troubleshooting

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alright so i have all the injection lines in the correct place now but its not turning over still, picked up a can of ether and its firing off the ether and will run for about 30 seconds but the truck has no throttle response in the short time it will run, thinking about deleting the fss for the time being to see because each injector is getting fuel but not nearly enough. any other ideas on what else could be wrong?
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If you have a solid fuel supply ,that is no air in the supply lines, a solid fuel injection pump, a bit of residual air in the pump and air in the high pressure lines, you need to crank her over all lines loose. when it spits out fuel, from the high pressure lines, stop cranking. Tighten all lines. Then, start it. It will start and run a bit rough for about four seconds. Then, smooth out.

If this is not the case, you have air in the supply from the tank or a faulty fuel injection pump, faulty supply pump. Tell me again, why are you bleeding the air from the injection system.......what did you do?

The comment concerning "not enough fuel" is,irrelevant,as that is only determined on a test stand. Spiting fuel from the lines is not measurable.
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