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Valve adjustment

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I wanted to know when do you know you need to adjust the valves. I have 131,000mi and it seems fine i was just wondering


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100k miles is a good place to check them. When you check them you may find that most are still where they need to be.
I guess it depends if you have hard or easy miles. Mine were easy, so at 110,000 they were well within specs. I think 150,000 is recommended.
search feature is a good thing,,,,,,, .010 on intake, .020 on exhaust. I do mine cold/slightly warm, and have 2 valves that I have to run .018 on the exhaust or else they rattle and tap. 30min to an hour job,,,, search for MoparMan1973's guide.
Right here: Valve Adjustment :thumbsup:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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