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Look at the tech section for a lot of good articles.

These threads are organized by topic. Keep searching I know more useful threads exist.

This covers mostly non-powertrain areas.
A few powertrain threads are included.

Some things may be wrong for the 24 valve trucks. This was put together for the 12 valve engines.
Besides some minor engine changes the 1994-2002 dodge ram diesels are essentially the same machine.

A new beginning for dodge. The history of cummins diesels in dodge trucks.

Dodge Ram - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fritz's Dodge Ram Tech
Cummins Diesel Buyers Guide
Dodge Ram Diesel Engine Evolution
Cummins Diesel Motor - Diesel Power Magazine Dodge diesel truck sales by year

Accessory switch installation ideas.

Air compressor installation

Air conditioning (Disable automatic AC when defrosting.)

Air filter information

(Remove the space to see more)

Automatic door locks


Differential Carrier Breaks | West Coast Differentials (4x4 front axle upgrade) (Dana 60 differences.)

Ball joint removal

Battery and battery terminals.

Blow Off Valve

Body repair and information. (Creaking noise or exterior noise from back of cab) (Welding can badly warp metal.)

. Dash
This is from the tech section. Many other good articles are there. (This may help prevent dash cracking.)

. Doors

. Dually information.

. Frame

. Hood release

. Interior (How to get more air blowing through your ducts.)

. Paint and exterior (Remove paint with a razor blade.)

. Rust (Make your own.)

. Cab swap and time to swap over.

. Windshield wipers.

M101 military trailer used as a flat bed.

When performing body work keep safety in mind. Use respirators and other safety equipment. You do not want this or worse to happen to you.
How Do I Get Herculiner Off of My Hootus?!

Boost tester


. Exhaust brake.
Unique exhaust brake idea.

Instructions for bedding in your brakes

. How to fix a broken parking brake pedal assembly.
Parking Brake Fix!

. This tech article shows the best upgrade for our rear drum brakes. (1st gen.)

. This thread shows brake pad comparisons.
Need New Front Brake Pads - Dodge Diesel - Diesel Truck Resource Forums

. How to get the self adjusters to work.

. Stuck on brake drums? Here is the solution for getting them off easily.

. Warped rotors? read these.

Bumper (Front bumper)

. This shows how some members built their own custom bumper.

Buyers guides.

Turbo Diesel Buyers Guide
10 Best Used Diesel Trucks (and cars) - Diesel Power Magazine All Pages
Cummins Diesel Buyers Guide

This covers most of the differences between a VE, P7100, VP44 and early CR trucks.

From this sites tech section.

Cab Lights

CB Radio

Charging system.

Cold weather ideas.

Computer codes. (Shows all possible codes.) (Explains what each digit means.) (1994 dodge computer codes)

Cruise Control

Solve surging cruise control.

Cup holders and the the factory cup holder space modifications.

Double din radio installation.


If you have a 1998 - 2002 truck these are for you. I started this on page 8 for a reason. Pages 8-13 are useful. This shows fabrication.
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Engine. This is based on 12 valve. What remains may or may not apply to the VP44 in the 1998.5-2002 rams.
Ram Diesel KDP retainer

The dowel pin is not the only potential engine killer. Read this.

Inspect your Harmonic Damper from time to time.
TDR 73: It's Time to Check Your Cummins Harmonic Damper (How to make your own.)
12V TPS Wiring Diagram (for excessive blowby)

Engine oil tests.
You can send your oil in for oil analysis.
Your local heavy truck or tractor dealer may have a reasonably priced oil testing service.

Engine Oil filter.

Then there is this option.
This is where you find the product.
lubricheck The digital 'blood tester' for your car


This looks like a great product if your exhaust is to loud.
FTE resonator review.

If you install stacks this protects things in your bed while looking good.

Fog lights.

Fog light mod -
DIY- Keeping Fog Lights On With High Beams - (mentions wire colors) (shows wiring diagram)

Fuel capacity.

Fuel filter

Fuel Pre-Filter cleaning
Fuel Pre-Filter Cleaning on Ram/Cummins

How to change a fuel filter
Fuel Filter Change 1994-1996 (1994-1995)
Ram 97+ Diesel Fuel Filter Change (1997-1999)

Fuel pressure.

The VP44 is vulnerable to low fuel pressure. Install a fuel pressure gauge and look at it now and again.

Fuel prices. - Find Low Gas Prices in the USA and Canada

Fuel sending unit. (May or may not apply to the 24 valves)

Repair not replacement. This does not work for all trucks.
CJ Johansson's fuel sender repair
Dodge ram Fuel Tank Sender Repair

Gauge installation ideas for pyrometer, boost, and other aftermarket gauges. (Proper locations for the sending units are shown.) (Look at more than the first page.) (Good numbers to look at are inside.)

Several links are inside.

This shows 3 gauges in a 1996 bezel.

This is a very clean 3 gauge install in a 1st gen. They could have been factory.

This shows how to design and make your own 3 gauge pillar.

Stock dash gauges not working possible fix.

Grid heater.

How to troubleshoot.
Ram Diesel Manifold Heater Problems

This can save you some money.



(Not headlights, but worth considering.)

Water in the headlight housings caused blown bulbs.

Recall 819 (Read this.)

If you replace your headlights adjust them. This shows how.
Daniel Stern Lighting Consultancy and Supply

As a FYI some of the aftermarket options have reviews saying their light output is not good.
Look for reviews before buying a replacement pair.

Polishing your yellowed headlights is often a good option.

The pieces removed here are used to align your headlights.

. Sport headlights (The 1998-2002 should not need new holes for the second bulb)
Sport Headlight Conversion (lots of photos)
Dodge Ram Sport Headlight Conversion

Wiring modifications for brighter lights.
Another Headlight Mod Question - Dodge Diesel - Diesel Truck Resource Forums
Ram Headlight & Fog Light Mods: Enable Low Beams with High Beam Enable Fog light with High Beam
Ram headlight switching modifications


If you are planning on replacing your headliner material use "DAP Weldwood Landau Top & Trim Contact Adhesive".
Nothing else compares or does what this does. It only comes in gallon cans. shows what to look for.
In some states this glue is illegal. The VOC content is to high. However, you just might be able to mail order this from a supplier who does not realize your state is off limits.
well my Head liners out - Dodge Diesel - Diesel Truck Resource Forums (A quad cab is different from a club cab.)


The most expensive way to have a warm cab.

If you heater does not change positions this may be the part you need.
This shows the necessary part
Dodge Ram '95-'02 - '95 - '02 - Ram - Dodge

High idle idea. This is for a 1st gen truck.


Ignition switch.

Ignition Switch Replacement


Map light repair.

Miles Per Gallon.
Turbo Diesel Register Tech: It's About the (fuel) Economy Stupid!
IT'S ABOUT THE (fuel) ECONOMY STUPID! (Use the next page arrow. The page numbers are broken.)
Turbo Diesel Register Tech: It's About the (fuel) Economy Stupid!

Does going faster really save you much time or does it really cost you more fuel money?

Before you add big aggressive tread tires read this.
The Effects of Rotational Inertia on Automotive Acceleration

Mirrors, Towing.

This is what had to be done to get power mirrors for our trucks in the past.

Power mirrors are now available from the aftermarket in a few different styles.

One member added a light to the outside of his tow mirrors. He also added a turn signal behind the mirror glass.

You can buy an additional spot mirror that clamps to your current mirror. This is just one example. There are also glue on spot mirrors you can use in different shapes. Side Mirror - Auxiliary Car Mirror Offers Wide Angle View: Automotive

Overdrive switch.

If yours does not work perfectly try this repair.

Power steering.

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. Alternator whine (generator whine in our trucks).
Noise Troubleshooting Guide -- Eliminate your alternator whine
Noise suppression guide
Car Audio - Alternator Noise

Seat repair and options. (Base model seat pictures)
How To: install 3 Gen seats in a 2 Gen - DodgeTalk (How to remove the back seat in a club or quad cab.)

You can have heated seats if you buy these, or something similar.
Rostra dual element seat heater-Geno's Garage

Short bed conversion.

A short bed and 4 doors. It took years before the conversion was finished.

Do NOT do it this way. :doh:

Smoother ride.
Installing Polyurethane Spring Tip Inserts - Dodge Diesel - Diesel Truck Resource Forums (For the 1st gen trucks.)

Sound reduction for your truck.

Here is my sound reduction attempt which was added to the thread posted above.

Jim L shows a similar approach in his 1st gen truck.
This is interesting as he modifies his springs and his truck is then quieter.

This TSB may solve some drone for those with a 1994-1996 truck

Here one member worked under their hood. Be careful, some foam can expand to much and seriously dent and damage your sheet metal.


Ram Steering Gear Adjustments (Steering Wander)

Do not forget your control arm bushings can go bad too.

Sway bars.

POT mod along with the original TPS to modify shift points.

Tires and wheels.

Tool box, tools, spare filters and parts.

Towing (in this case it was throttle springs) (Rear Of Vehicle Sits Too High To Allow Hook Up To A Fifth Wheel Trailer)

Transmission, automatic.

Torque converter lock up switch. Great if used properly. Can break a transmission if used badly. Do not lug your engine. Converter Lockup Switch.pdf
This is where the idea came from originally.
valve body pressure lever - Competition Diesel.Com - Bringing The BEST Together

Remove the space to see more about transmission test ports.

Transmission, manual.

NV4500 experience from one who towed somewhat heavy and often.


The official turbo manual from Holset.

HX35 rebuild and upgrade to HX35/40 hybrid.
The Saab Link Forums - View Single Post - Let the games begin :)

Turbocharger FAQ

Vacuum hose under hood repair.

Vacuum pump. (Vacuum check valve revised)

VIN number information. (This will often give a free build sheet. Sometimes it wants to be paid first.)
How to read the vehicle identification number VIN on your Ram truck

Wait to start light.

Windows, side, rear, and windshield.
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Reserved in case of future needs.
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Reserved in case of future needs. (I needed 3 huge blocks of space so far.)
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