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Our new web-site should be up and running the next couple of day's, We have added several new numbers and upgrades. ValAir Inc - High Performance Clutches for Diesel Trucks

Also i'd like to discuss our warranty, we are making some changes,
#1 we warranty our products for a 12 month period, against anything we did, not necessarily anything you can do.

What is covered:
The clutch kit
standard shipping

What is not covered:
Air Freight
Burn't or Scorched clutches
Broken O.E. type hubs
Clutches used for what they werent intended for.

Single plate clutches are not designed for sled pulling and or 3rd or higher gear launches.

Here's the changed part:

We do take pride in our products,and want to offer you an affordable clutch, however our warranty isnt 12 months against anything you can do, but anything we did, Please be careful when choosing a clutch for your application, which includes, Hp & Tq, driving habits, and hobbies. Many times price of a clutch is an issue and one settles for a clutch for one thing and then ends up doing another, then expects the manufacturer to pay for everything including air freight, Labor, clutch Etc... or they are threatend that they will post up on a forum and bad mouth your products. Go ahead i dont care, i have been in the clutch market for 32 years, and done very well. I will not be dictated by anyone or anybody that threatens to post up on a forum.

We do stand behind our products 100%
and if we didn't there's a very good reason why.

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Right on Dan...that sounds like one heck of a fair deal.
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