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Valair vs. South bend

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I am familiar with south bend, but the Valair sounds legit, for a bit less money. Any opinions or experience with Valair? I need to order a clutch for my 94 and was strongly considering the 475 hp rated SB, but Valair has a 500 hp clutch kit that is less money.
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I currently have a Valair single disk you speak of. Kevlar Ceramic rated for 500hp and it's been great. Pulled over 20k lbs with no issue. I'm actually gonna be selling it prob this next week as I just bought a Southbend DD to handle more power.
What are the driving characteristics of that Valair clutch? Stiff clutch, grabby, clutch chatter, etc?
Not real stiff as far as peddle pressure goes, has a slipping point but as soon as you get just a hair past that point it's a definite firm engagement. no chatter, there is a slight noise from it when truck is in neutral idling with foot off the clutch but no chatter.
Please let me know if you are selling it - I am always looking for a deal. I would have pm'ed you but I need the posts so I can see the classifieds.
I have a Valair organic DD and thus far has been great. Great customer service as well.

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:agree2: Same here. No complaints.
Valair ceramic DD. It was pretty grabby at first but after a couple weeks of driving it's almost as smooth as stock. Sometimes starting off with a load on a hill it'll be a slight bit jumpy but nothing bad at all. And it was almost $400 cheaper than the same thing from South Bend at the time. About a year after install a piece broke inside the pressure plate. I called Valair and we discussed it and two days later I had a new one at my door no questions asked or money charged. Wonderful customer service, I'll be sticking with Valair.
you can't really go wrong with either, but the South Bend dual friction dual disk is pretty killer... quiet, engages like stock, holds tons of power
Dan and everyone at Valair have always been a big help.

No experience with Southbend.
I have a Valair and south bend both great clutches. But personally ill save a few bucks buying Valair and getting just as good of quality as south bend

Double disc here, works great in all conditions, snow, mud'n, towing, climbing and just hot roddin too.
But best of all,
Dan was the man through the whole process,
had all the answers at any time of day.:thumbsup:
The price difference is minor. Go South Bend. The dual friction South Bend was not out, or was at least very new when I had to replace my clutch. My Valair is the most grabby pain in the a$$ clutch I've ever run, and I even replaced it once. First one came out under 1k miles and had hot spots on the flywheel, and some on the pressure plate.
you can't really go wrong with either, but the South Bend dual friction dual disk is pretty killer... quiet, engages like stock, holds tons of power
That's what going in my truck this weekend. I have absolutely had no issues with my Valair and have talked to Dan on his personal cell more than once. Great guy and great company just went with SB to give them a shot aswell. No offense Dan :thumbsup:
Both are great, it really just comes down to who you like and who you are more comfortable with.
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