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Vacuum Pump hose routing

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Hello guys;
I'm trying to resolve an issue my truck has had since I bought it. It's an '03 with an auto 47re.
So problem is, vacuum pump runs all the time, and cruise control surges. I think these might related... I've included a picture of my pump; one of the fittings on the bottom of it has no hose on it, and I'm assuming this is why it runs all the time. But, I have no idea where the hose should go, or if this should not have anything on it, or if something is missing.
So I'm looking to see if someone can tell me how many hoses should be there, and where they should go!

Dave Sexton


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I'll check out the hose that t's for leaks. But should the other one be capped off or does it go somewhere?
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