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Used nasty oil put in engine accidently

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I hate to even write this but I just put in about a cup of used nasty oil in my engine during my oil change. I forgot that I poured some of the oil from my catch pan into 1 gallon jugs and then grabbed that jug with the other good jugs during my oil change. I only poured maybe a cup of the stuff. I think I would have done another drain but I didn't have enough oil available to drain the good gallon and bad Cup on the spot. Should I go ahead and do another oil change now or do you all think I'm good for my normal 5,000 interval? I figure it's all run through the fleets by now. I also have the amsoil bypass and am running amsoil synthetic. The cheap side of me thinks one cup won't hurt anything but the cautious side of me says to change it. Thoughts?


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Is it oil you just drained, or stuff that's been sitting and is all gooey and chunky?

If it's freshly drained during your oil change, don't worry about it. Won't hurt a thing.
It was old nasty stuff. Just a little but makes me so mad for doing it.

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I'd feel better draining it and doing it over. I am cheap SOB as welll but sometimes you just have to pony up and do the right thing.
I'd do another oil and filter change. I'm picturing real nasty stuff that could potentially block the filter or something. Another $100 or possibly upwards of $7k for an engine...which one is more appealing?

Of course that's worst-case scenario but...could happen.
Being somewhat prone to brain farts, I put my used oil in a plastic 5-gal. gas can with USED OIL written on the side of it in large black magic marker letters so I don't pour it in the lawnmower. Seems to work. I agree that another oil change is in order.
Do another oil & filter change. $100 will be well spent here...

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You guys are killing me. I thought at least someone would say not to worry about one cup mixed in with 3 gallons. I have to drive a few hundred miles with this oil but I guess I will be changing it pretty soon. I asked and I have fully received.

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you're using Amsoil with a regular oil filter and an Amsoil bypass filter... and you're changing it every 5000 miles ......Damn ...the Amsoil you're taking out is probably still as good as the new Amsoil that you're putting in.....even if it sat in the jug for a while if there were anything to worry about it would on the bottom of the jug and not in the top cup full you poured in .....

Sounds like your worried about nothing ......oh you can probably find someone on here that would like you're used triple filtered 5000 mile Amsoil ....They could probably put another 20,000 miles on it without any issues...

But if you do decide to change it again ...don't forget to jack it up and line up all the little Ram heads on your center caps.....Them being out of alignment will cause about as much damage as the cup of 5000 mile Amsoil ...:hehe:
Pretty funny. I let the oil drain for about 15 minutes to let or all drain of and then went and put some cap right back in. I really think the filter would be the only thing that I would really need to change

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you're using Amsoil with a regular oil filter and an Amsoil bypass filter... and you're changing it every 5000 miles ......Damn ...
Yeah really, might as well change it again right now, ASAP! :hehe:

Honestly, I wouldn't be the least bit worried about that. A few ounces of old oil is nothing. There's probably more than that sitting up on the head under the valve cover. Find something more important to worry about. Seriously. :spank:
It would really all depends on how clean the drain pan was. Mine gets sand, leaves, and an occasional dead critter of some sort in it, so my drained oil is less than just used.
I bet that with a cup of nasty oil, your engine is still way cleaner than a powerstroke on the inside.
If your worried about one cup of 5000mile amsoil that has been used with a bypass filter your crazy.

Also please send me your used oil from now on. I plan to run it for another 10k miles.
I would laugh at you for doing this but,,,i once drained my oil in my 09 and realized i didnt have a drop of new oil in my shop !! Nobody around or available to either bring me some or take me to get any ... I always drain into a clean bucket, so i just poured the old right back in and went back to town !! I wouldnt have done that if i wasnt sure my bucket was clean though...
I had the dual bypass system in my 99. Went 47000+ without changing the oil. Just did the filter changes and took samples. Changing at 5000 miles is a waste of good oil in my opinion, and in Amsoil's opinion as well.
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