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Upgrading steering wheel

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Has anyone upgraded their SLT vinyl steering wheel to a leather wrapped one? Is there a how to? Part numbers or model trucks that word work? Thanks.
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I ordered a steering wheel using the vin # from a 2012 Big Horn and installed it on my 2012 ST. It worked great. This past weekend I moved it to my 2013 Tradesman. It was much easier the second time. I purchased an OTC 7929A Steering Wheel Puller Leg kit to pull the steering wheel and used a bent flat blade screwdriver to remove the Airbag. Sorry I do not have the steering wheel part # but if you need it I can get it for you this weekend.
Do you know if the 1500 steering wheels work? When you bought the new wheel was it just the wheel or did it include the controls ? Thanks.
It was just the wheel. I actually used the Vin # from a 1500.
I would love to have the part #. When I bought my truck, it was in the deal to get me a leather wheel for my ST truck and BOY what an argument and fiasco with the dealer. Please, please, please get me that part #. Thanks in advance
Part # is 1YH39XDVAA is the part number. It will feel like a different truck.
Does anyone have a part # for the leather wheel without heat/audio controls? I found some online but they only list grey or show codes that I have no idea what are. Ive also talked to 2 dealers and they advise me to get a leather steering wheel wrap, no help there. Thanks.
Anyone switch a Laramie steering wheel to a limited or longhorn steering wheel? I love the wood grain on the steering wheel and want to switch mine.
Part # above is what you are looking for!

Ok thanks. When I looked up the part number it didn't show color or options and was like $356. I saw different leather wheels with audio controls for the same price so I just assumed it had them also.
It is just the steering wheel itself. All switches and the front and back housings will need to be reused from your old steering wheel.
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do you have to have a steeringwheel puller to get the wheel off?
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