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upgrading steering due to death wobble, opinions please!

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ok, so after the recent installation of the 37's i have met the unfortunate death wobble evil. i recently did 4" PP coils, 5100's, PP track bar drop, drop pitman, and PP comfort control arms, but ran it that way with NO alignment on the 35" Toyo's for about 3 weeks, and it just started with the 37's. had it aligned today at the dealership to the caster settings recommended to help, and same issues. dealership stated there was a good bit of play in the tie rod ends and steering box (i have a BD brace) and that the stabilizer is leaking (old Rancho). Found a good deal on the 08.5 steering upgrade, so ordered that to start. What about steering box? Im thinming redhead, as im not chanfing out my brand new drop pitman to use the mopar upgrade box. Any luck with parts store boxes? Now need to pick a stabilizer to go with it. Can i use a 5100? and all help is appreciated!
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well i got the upgarded mopar steering and a 5100 stabilizer for $300 to my door, so thats the route im going for now. i've decided to do the steering box as well, now deciding if i want to wait and pay the extra to get the Redhead or just run down and grab the Napa unit. going to try and wait on the track bar for now atleast. and i will be GTG with my drop pitman arm after further research
I had similar issues with death wobble when I went to the kore springs up front had it on a rack 5 or so times, I got a adjustable track bar from synergy and that solved my death wobble it has been good for the last 3 years now. My stock track bar looked fine and felt tight. This worked for me not sure for you but just saying.
Thanks, that or a redhead steering box WAS next on the lost. Look at my other thread on the first page and you'll see the most recent update. If my next curse of action doesn't work, I may try that
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