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Upgrading my fuel tank to a larger one???

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Which is better the Transferflow or the Titan, Transferflow is made of metal and is 56 gal and titan is made of plastic and is 55 gal.:shock:
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I doubt a lot of people have experience with both, so I'll chime in about my Transferflow. I had one in my '99 F250 and I really liked it. That one increased the amount of fuel I could carry by a higher percentage than the current one would, so you'd have to figure out what the value is to you.

One note, you didn't ask, but I've heard nothing but bad things about Aero Tank in Corona, CA. A friend had one and asked that they add a skid plate. Their version was to weld a second thickness of 14-16 gauge metal to the bottom. It always leaked as well.
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