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Upgrading Injectors

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I have a '93 2wd 250 auto, all stock right now, i was wondering what all i can do to get smoke out of it? and increase power. My understanding is that one of the main things is injectors? How big of injectors can i go on a stock TC, and tranny? What else can i do for smoke?

All help's appreciated.
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well in all honestly you can go with the biggest injectors in the world but it isnt gona make a differance if your convert throws all the power away
For power you need fuel and air. Much bigger injectors and you will need a bigger turbo. The stock tc isnt rated for much. I used to have real bad shudder in mine in reverse at anything over an idle. Now I have an ats tc in it. Its pretty good. It can spin the wheels on dry pavement in reverse and not shutter. Mine is a 92 250 4x4. Its currently in pieces building for a sled puller. Take a look in the 1st gen section here, I know there is a right up on how to mod your pump.
just slap some pods in with that stock turbo. then youll have your smoke
yeah you'd like pods and your stock trans could handle them
im an idiot... found what i was looking for
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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