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upgraded transmission Question

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So sifting through all of the info on the upgraded transmissions is a lot to take in lol, but I think I'm beginning to get a grasp on it all. I do have a question though. Is it more price efficient to purchase one of the pre built transmissions from one of the various companies ooooor should I buy the parts from say DTT and have a shop put them in my current transmission? I have an 06 QC 4x4 automatic.
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I'm also trying to make up my mind on which route I'm gonna go as well
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Not a new thing freighting a transmission.
Considered options when I chose to rebuild my transmission. Ended up using DTT parts and transmission is still going strong after 3.5 years.

Warranty would be a big consideration. The right combination of parts make the transmission given they are installed properly and to part supplier specs. With aftermarket parts some specs may be different from the 'stock' rebuild procedure.

For cost, compare total cost and consider cost if it breaks.
Considerations: Would you install the transmission yourself? Do you have to ship the transmission? Is there a local shop with proven experience with aftermarket upgrades?

Link to my rebuild post with good DTT experience.
ooooor should I buy the parts from say DTT and have a shop put them in my current transmission? I have an 06 QC 4x4 automatic.
Make sure you call the trans shop you are thinking about using and see what their thoughts are about them rebuilding your trans with parts they didn't provide, in my experience, most will not warranty it I'm guessing to...
a) protect themselves from bad parts you could provide causing them to eat the cost of a rebuild and
b) them being upset they can't mark up the parts and make a little coin...

Either way, check with the shop you plan to use first
I just had a customer who upgraded to full race SunCoast trans and sold his billet input trans and triple disc converter to another customer. Upon inspection on the older trans I found what I considered too much material in the pan.... Called Suncoast, told em, they said "send it back and we will check it out". We did and they completely went through it for free. The truck it came out of was slightly above their power rating on the trans which explained the wear. Can't beat their service or warranty as far as I'm concerned. I am sure there are other nay sayers but usually honesty is the best policy, no need to bull 'em.....
I am mechanically inclined but I do not have the experience nor the equipment/facility to do either a rebuild or swap myself. This is my first diesel, but I did alot of the work on my previous Ram 1500, so It would be a shop.

I've looked through a few threads to find decent shops in my area, which most likely at the time of rebuild/swap will be Albuquerque NM. It sounds like it mostly comes down to finding the right shop. It sounds easier to buy/ship a full transmission as well as easier to find a capable shop to do that, but if a quality shop can be found it may be less costly to buy the parts, does this sound about accurate?

The honest end goal is 600ish hp with light to moderate towing being done (moving, car on a trailer, home improvement loads that sort of thing) racing being a weekend warrior type thing not overly serious just having fun, as well as a half the year daily driver, a harley most likely being the other half lol. Pretty much a middle ground jack of all trades type truck. It seems like an obtainable goal, just a little expensive lol.
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I rebuilt my own to save some bucks, my first tranny ever. Did it all with Goerend parts. Lasted me 45,000 miles and took out 2nd gear. Thought it was something I did wrong in the build so I took it to a local tranny shop. Spent $3500 plus with them and supplied the parts. 8,000 miles later it was shift hunting 1-2 so I got a new solenoid. When I pulled the old one out, the damn solenoid was plugged solid with metal filings. Nobody bothered to replace my shift solenoids or even clean them for that matter! That rebuild lasted 15,000 miles. NO WARRANTY they told me because it was put together with an input shaft that had a slight score on the splines ( which Goerend later purchased for $250, couldn't have been that bad!) Long story not so short. Just get it done right the first time! Thanks for reading my rant!

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