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ok so i got my truck back last wensday so i got 75hp nozzels ad150 86. exhaust housing for better spooling and i have to put the arson 2 kit in...this is my feelings on the parts. lowering the exhaust housing to 86 made a little diffrence in spooling highway and take off,egt not to much diffrence, i feel that there is alot more power there but im just not feeling it ive been running the 175att and i can on hit 38 and 42 psi boost and my rail pressure is 22 to 24 to about 95 mpg thats without the arson 2 so it seems that im getting enought fuel 1-4 gear completely sucks do to the stock tranny.well about 6 days ago i got onto the highway and rolled her hard agains a 350z i had him beat to about 80 and then boom almost not boost and a leak so i took it to the mechanic and looked at it and one of the bolts correct me if im wrong the 4 bolts that hold the compressor housing to the shaft well one was missing and chewed up the compressor blades and exhaust blades on the turbo so im sending it back to compturbo for warrenty work but overall it feels like my truck it not was everyone else says it is with the same parts on her?
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