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I did the u-joint replacement a few weeks ago because they were chirping around turns. Against my better judgment I reused the hub bearing because on my 04 ram 3500 I always had to replace bearings, ball joints and u-joints because removal I needed a torch to get the old bearings out. I had to do this every 35-40K miles.
After changing the j-joints, the chirping went away but there was still a constant noise and it turns out the bearings were also going bad. I saw all the grease that was coming out the backside of the bearing when I removed it for the u-joints.
Well... Today I changed the Hub bearings as well. They were Moog. Most parts places don't have a listing for a 2013 so I called the dealer and was informed that the bearing is the same from 2012-2014. (2500 & 3500) (part number 515122).
Here is the kicker... The factory nut that holds the brake disk and wheel spacer is not the same on the new bearing. Different threads. On the Moog, it requires a 9/16" 18 threads per inch nut. Not sure what the factory nuts were. Unless you are replacing your hub bearings with OEM, Just purchase new nuts (8 per side) for the new bearing. It will save you the time of hunting around for the correct nut if indeed the factory nut won't work.

Hope this helps anyone doing this job.
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